Oh Joy!
2001-07-17 || shit sandwich
Soundtrack � The Clash � London calling

This is a good record, yet all the Clash records are good, except for maybe half of Sandanista, and some of the Black Market Clash reissue is unnecessary, and oh, that Cut the Crap thing, but I don�t think anyone really thinks that�s a great record anyway. Combat Rock has it�s moments, although I don�t even think I own it right now, which is fine by me. I�ve started selling more CD�s again recently. There is a lot of garbage in my collection that needs weeding out at this point. (Do I really need 6 Avail CD�s?, no, I need 48 Miles Davis CD�s though J ). Tomorrow there is the Miles reissue from the Fillmore 1970 that I ordered at my store, which will be a welcome addition to that era of my collection. It�s definitely my least favorite era of Miles, but they�re always a good listen on the road anyway. Now if someone can justify my owning some of these questionable Herbie Hancock CD�s I�ll be able to sleep better. So I got yelled at for saying I didn�t care much to see Radiohead. Let me explain though: I love them from Ok Computer on, the Bends I could live without, and the first one I haven�t heard enough. I like that Anyone Can Play Guitar song though. I don�t doubt that it would be a good show. But I�ve been so spoiled now by seeing bands improvise all the time, that seeing bands just play their songs, and maybe put a new little twist on them just doesn�t do a thing for me anymore. A light show can help I guess, but the fact that a band can �pull off� songs live doesn�t impress me. They wrote them, I should hope they can pull it off live! Anyway, I�m sure Radiohead would be great to see if I wasn�t spoiled, but there�s no way I�d really enjoy myself. I deal with crowds enough on a daily basis, I don�t need to be around people if I don�t really need to. My car stereo is loud.

I�m bored with the band right now. I think we�ve hit a plateau as usual with bands. I haven�t been feeling it the same way I was say�a month and a half ago. Perhaps it�s not playing shows though. The new song we�ve been coming up with, I was playing it earlier tonight and I almost want to trash it, it sounds just like everything else we�ve been doing. It�s too �pretty� or whatever. I think the best thing we could do right now would be to just keep playing off each other, THEN maybe we will come up with something interesting. I guess I need to just keep plugging away at the guitar. I started taking official lessons, so I could learn how to actually play the guitar, instead of cheat with effects like I tend to do : ) Hopefully I will be over the hurdles I am stuck at right now, as I am getting discouraged as it is. Zzzzzzz.

Democrats love getting laid, and lying about it. What�s the big deal? At least Republicans just don�t get laid, so they don�t really have to lie.

Tonight I successfully made chicken tacos for Angela and I for dinner. Not that I ever doubt my cooking skills, but I was particularly happy with this meal. Someday I will cook dinner for everyone who wants it. Men should really learn to cook nowadays, it�s the nineties�I mean the 2000�s or whatever it�s called now. It�s a fun time, it�s cheap, and it impresses the ladies.

Its strange there are no 2-week road trips this summer for me. I am doing that one weekend thing with Jeremy to see Trey from Phish. That should be fun, we had a good time on Long Island last time we went, in 1998. Hopefully a reprise of our usual adventures will take place.

I hate work right now, and I don�t want to go in all week. I reviewed my crew last week. I let a couple people from outside of work read the reviews and they said I was a bit harsh on some of the categories on a couple of them. I guess I�m too nice in the office maybe, and I felt I had to at least prove something. Or maybe I just have a problem sometimes with people with shitty work ethics. Some folks just don�t get it. They need to complain. It turns out, one of the other people who became a manager at the same time as me did sort of the same thing. I guess once you�re on the other side, you see the bad points of people too much. This can be good and bad at the same time. On one hand, it makes me feel better about myself, when I know I can slack sometimes. And then when shit isn�t getting done, or people spend time on the clock talking and bitching about work, it makes you want to do something about it. My company has its issues, but I think people are just a little too sensitive sometimes. People always seem to feel someone�s out to fuck them over. Being on the other side has shown me that this isn�t really the truth, people just aren�t doing work like they should. They complain they don�t get enough money, yet aren�t willing to step up. I am not going to tell the company certain people need more money just because they are friends in work. I need to separate that as much as I can. Work and pleasure shouldn�t mix as much as they seem to I guess. Now, can I have a raise please? I got magazine people after me right now.

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