Oh Joy!
2001-07-16 || naked kids naked kids naked kids naked kids naked kids naked kids
Soundtrack � radiohead � amnesiac

So I recently became the victim of a scam, partly because of my own stupidity, but, whatever�so these people called me about my magazine subscriptions one day and basically I signed up for this �service� to take care of my subscriptions. Plus, I got a money clip out of the deal, who could pass that shit up? So a few months later, these people call me back and say they are updating their records, etc. It turns out it was another different company. I start receiving two copies of all the magazines I originally ordered. I tried getting in touch with them to cancel, but you apparently can�t. They evidently record their phone conversations, and if they have you on tape saying yes to some questions, you are stuck. I e-mailed them a bunch of times, and of course, they ignored me. So last Friday, I decided to have a little bit of fun. I e-mailed them about a dozen times, each one with a different subject header �billing inquiry�, �here�s the shit I ordered�, �please sign me up to pedophilia monthly�, �anal sex�, �attention president�, etc. All of the messages when opened were just lyrics to different Paul Stanley of Kiss songs. I amuse myself sometimes. Anyway, I get to my desk this morning, and of course there�s a voice mail on my machine �Hi this is so and so from readers�s service, I�m calling about some e-mails I have on my desk in front of me here�could you please call me at 1-800-347-7323�� Anyway, I just e-mailed them this: �why is it, when I had something serious I wanted to discuss, you folks couldn't give half a shit? Now that I send you some "offensive" e-mails you call me immediately. You people are fucking priceless.

Enjoy trying to get in touch with me,

Christian� Who knows what will happen next. I know tomorrow I am going to close my bank account, and open a new one, as they took some cash from my account recently that they shouldn�t have. I know it�s silly and immature to act like this, but these people are lame, and I like to amuse myself at others expense.

Everyone should be killed.

This radiohead record is good, it�s making me NOT want to see them though, as I think they are better left a studio band. So I think I will save my cash and buy some cigarettes instead, I can take a nap at home for less money.

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