Oh Joy!
2001-07-11 || top ten Whitesnake song titles
Soundtrack � Thelonius Monk � Straight, No Chaser

Things to do today: write 6 thorough employee reviews for my department by Friday, get Radiohead tickets, start thinking about hotel/motel situation for Jeremy and I in Long Island to see Trey in August, practice my scales, write lyrics, arrange some new songs, not sweat, be nicer to people in work, finally get those Miles reissues that came out a month or so ago, listen to this new Built to Spill again and see if I like it, vomit.

So the past week has been good. The 4th of July week was split in two thanks to the holiday being on a Wednesday, Angela, Dan, and I went up to Shane and Maryann�s cottage they rented up in Maine. We had a great time, regardless of the fact that I saw Shane�s ass two or three times in the lake. I went in a rowboat around the lake with Dan and Shane and was actually not nervous. My last boat experience was sort of a milestone, as I am scared of large bodies of water for the most part. We drove Dan home the next afternoon, and then drove back up and had dinner and fireworks with the two of them and went out way. I tried desperately not to fall asleep on the drive home. I again successfully transported marijuana in my car with no brake lights, and an expired inspection sticker. I now have brake lights, and no marijuana, so I look forward to driving faster and more recklessly now�right. I had a small car accident that was sort of my fault on Saturday morning. What a trip car accidents are. This guy was pulling on to a rotary in front of me, nobody was coming and I was still looking after he �went� when I turned to actually watch the road in front of me I saw a rear bumper come speeding towards me. Coffee and ashes flew, my knee smashed into the dashboard thingy, and my head and chest hit the steering wheel. For some reason, I didn�t have my seatbelt on, which I normally wear religiously. That anticipation, mixed with the word �fuck�, and the sound of what sounds like broken glass is like nothing else. I can only imagine the horror of a �real� car crash. Anyway, there was minor damage to the front of my car, and none to the moustached man I hit. He was happy with forgetting the whole thing, me and my soar neck agreed; when I thought of the insurance situation I would face if we did report it, I was happy. Shaken up, I made my way to work at the record store where Breaux was waiting. I only managed to be 5 minutes late, where I would have been two. After work, Angela and I took another trip, to Cape Cod. I had never been there. We stayed Saturday night in a motel, and then met up with her father Dave, his girlfriend Kelly, her 16 year-old sister Katie, her 15 year old cousin Andrew, and her aunt Kate. They were staying at this resort place with pools and tennis courts and air conditioning. We swam in pools indoor and outdoor, drove around the area, went out to dinner, and had an all around great time. It was way too short. Getting adjusted to going back to work after being away, even for two and a half days is rough. It�s like getting out of jail and having to get used to the real world again. I guess it�s like that.

without further ado, the top ten Whitesnake song titles(in no particular order):

1) Slide it In

2)Rough an' Ready

3) Love an' Affection

4) Spit it Out

5) Cheap an' Nasty

6) Kitten Got Claws

7) Don't Mess With Me

8) Rock n' Roll Women

9) Sailing Ships

10) Sweet Lady Luck

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