Oh Joy!
2000-09-14 || fried chicken and whiskey
Soundtrack � some �electronic music�I don�t fuckin know, what�s the difference?�

So I wake up again and the mail box has cobwebs in it and my telephone is looking at me with sad eyes�How come nobody ever comes to visit anymore?� it asks me I tell it that it�s being a baby and to stop whining so much so I wake up this morning and it�s sunny out again, yeah it�s sunny I see the road in front of me outside the house, the porches and balconies, and flowers everywhere I greet the pretty girl who gives me coffee every morning again and go on my way Wait did I do this yesterday? Shit I think I did I have the same faces in my morning actually thinking I was important to someone ha what a fucking joke though what a scam it all is I get rumors and facts and figures and stats I was important I have something I have something somebody wanted at one time when I tried to give it to them they threw it on the fucking ground and ran over it to get to the other side of the street it�s a scam the rumors the people who tell you things you think you wanted to hear the drive i wake up and do all those things drive like a zombie on the way to work I sit there in the car with absolutely not one thing to look forward to ten hours later nothing to come back to I have nothing again yet again you win this fucker I hear these annoying voices in work and want to turn myself into patrick bateman I want to just go in there with razor sharp lips and fingernails dragging down the board I don�t want them to look at me they look at me and try to suck me in all of them they are the enemy why would I tel myself anything different why would I give any thing why would I give an inch and let them take a foot I love being santa claus let me tell you I love being the floormat cc the floormat I guess I�ll see how the weekend pans out I have some good things happening apaprently I just want to lock the band up in a room and play music and do drugs all day and night I want to rock the roll and not have to worry about this girl that I think I want to fuck yeah just that just someone I wanted to fuck not someone I was particularly interested in talking to someone to help me release something someone to use for a few months until something else comes aroun I can�t even get that though I can�t even lie and bullshit these girls anymore I can�t make believe I care anymore that kind of sucks maybe I should just be myself instead of lying to them and telling them stories I feel embarrassed now at some of the shit I�ve said to try and get laid the past year or so it works here and there I guess motherfucking people that used to care and tell me everything are now telling some other sucker the�re issues my parents are divorced I grew up here I had this happen to me I heard the stories buddy it�s not even worth it they�re going to fuck you over at some point in this relationship they come and grab me by the leg with those eyes and the teeth and the gifts what the fuck for a kiss on the lips nothing but that an empty embrace and all of that I can�t take jack daniels seriously so please don�t take me seriosuly when I�m hanging out with him I�m going down south where they�re gonna appreciate a boy like me you northeast people can all go fuck yourselves as far as I�m concerned I ain�t got no ties here anymore I�m cutting them all starting at the bottom all you fucks I know that I don�t really like anyway the ones who have to call me over and over yeah you all sorry it�s over I can�t humor any of them anymore they make me laugh inside with comments and the like bunches of pussies with mass on bunches of people I don�t need to associate myself with anymore brats I don�t need to associate myself with zombies fly away far far far away down south let�s go down south I�ll find someone down there that knows what I�m talking about here I�ll find someone to do all of these things together at this point I give up I surreneder my time has expired I can�t think of a better feeling than freedom I can�t think of a better feeling than any of these things I say I can�t think of a better way to go about things than this right here this sitting her hey you and me honey we are going to move down south sit on the proch and have fried chicken and whiskey and tell the world to go fuck themselves.

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