Oh Joy!
2000-09-13 || all the arms in the world
Soundtrack � Smiths � Louder Than Bombs

I can�t think of a better feeling than this right now. Freedom. Freedom, one of my favorite Hendrix songs. I feel free from being sucked up into one way of thinking. Free from silly little feelings and what have you. Either way, I�m a little depressed here. I�m bored with this routine. This fucking routine of this and that and doing all of the things I think are correct, and then just getting nowhere with it. I can�t say I feel surprised at how I feel right now. It goes up and down with me. I was accused of being �moody�. I think it�s beyond moody at this point. I can�t spend more than two days in a row feeling good about anything. I�m generally depressed but ready to change something. I never want to see anyone again. Yeah, that�s it. Fuck it, I ain�t talking to anyone! Yeah, that�s the solution to everything. Ignoring people, humoring them more. I�m not giving out anymore thank you cards. I ain�t letting anyone through the door. They just come in and wreck the bedroom and leave. Fuck this I have nothing to say tonight. Fuck everything, twice.

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