Oh Joy!
2000-08-30 || happy happy joy joy
soundtrack - REM - Out Of Time

Found a letter from this girl i was seeing for a little while in 1996. What a boring fucking letter. Cleaning out drawers this evening. The height of my existence. Oh I went to Dorian's birthday party...although I didn't know it was her birthday unfortunately. She called and said she got me a gift in New York over the weekend, and to come over and get it...and "it's my birthday, there'll be people over"...Of course, only I would go to a persons house for a birthday, and have them give me a gift. What a geek. For the majority of the time I was there, it was 7 girls...and then Christian showed up and threw it off. : ) So I return home "early", start to make a cd and clean the room up a little. The CD makes it 17 tracks into the 19 track mix cd, and then freezes the computer and fucks everything in the world up. I hate when this thing does that. It takes 90 minutes anyway to burn all these fucking songs, and then it freezes up like a motherfucker. If I had a handgun, I swear...

I got a very good picture in e-mail today, so that is all I have to say.

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