Oh Joy!
2000-08-28 || last call for pitchers and shots

I fall down and trip over things too easy. So I saw Stephanie tonight for a couple of hours; we took a drive and talked about things. It�s good to see her, and I�m glad we talked about life in general. I like seeing her now and again to make sure she�s still the same old person I�ve known all along. This is true for the most part I guess, I just feel different now about everyone and everything.

I�ve had strange things said to me all weekend, I think I wrote about some of them in here the other day. Tonight there were more comments that made me shake my head, and/or wonder what was going on behind it. This was after Stephanie. Ya know what, I�d much rather finish this tomorrow, when I�m awake, and I know what the fuck I�m doing and saying.


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