Oh Joy!
2000-08-26 || cast of characters/impending nightmares
Okay, yeah I say some pretty questionable things from time to time, and I make comments that may confuse people or put them in a �okay, what am I supposed to say to that�. This happened to me twice today, the first was through e-mail today with Heather regarding Devin. It wasn�t a bad comment or anything just an �okay�ummm�. So that was a little strange. So tonight I went to a friends house to �party�, I only knew a couple of people there, mostly girls though. Anyway I started talking to the girlfriend of Dan, and it turned out she worked at this video store I had done some construction on a few years back. It was more or less a favor for a friend, I normally don�t do construction, but yeah, that�s what I did for two days. Putting these light boxes up all inside this video store. I remember there was two cute girls working there at the time (well, they hadn�t opened yet), anyway, they were at this party and remembered me from then�I do remember talking to one of them actually�which brings me to the next strange comment of the day. So I left there pretty early to come home early on a Friday night, because that�s just what I do. My phone rings five minutes after I left, it�s Shawn: �Hey�ya know that girl that was here with the tattoo blah blah blah, well she was just asking about you�she thinks your cute�and a nice guy�. �Ummm, okay, what does this have to do with the cup of coffee I�m going to get now?� �What should I do?� he asks �Ahhhh�what do you want me to do�come back and make out with her?��.�Okay, how about I get her number and I won�t tell her�and you can call her�oh, she�s only twenty� . �Okay, well�yeah, do that�sure�I�m on my way in to the parking lot of Dunkin Donuts right now�and look at her�okay, I have to go�. So I thought that was strange also. �When it rains it pours�, is that what they say?. Yeah, that�s how I feel right now I think. So with something like that I don�t know what to do with it. Interesting as it is, as flattering as it is�who knows. Anyway, it was a pretty good time there, just very hot. I like Dan, the guy that lives there, he�s a nice guy, and Stephen Hill and Tracey showed up. I wanted to do this, but felt I would be copying people but, I�m going to do it anyway, so without further ado, here�s my�.


Matt- Matt is one of my best friends, I�ve known him for almost ten years now. We met when his band he drummed for needed a singer�and I joined in that role. Matt dated the same Tara I dated, we both dated her for a long time (not at the same time�).

Heather � I could say things about her, my best friend perhaps, here, or you could just read entries in here from June-August, anything you find that�s nice words about a girl, it�s most likely about her. Our relationship is a little out of whack right now, but I love her more than anyone I know right now probably so there.

Stefanie � Heather�s roommate. Fellow Scorpio, she�s younger than Heather by a few years, her and I have a history in the friendship zone that is. She is a great person to talk to, and I�ve driven probably 1000 miles with her just talking and whatnot. She once�oh forget it�

Jeremy � More of a neurotic Jewish intellectual than Woody Allen himself. Him and I often go to Phish shows together, he�s working on the book, he also met me in Atlantic City on my trip this summer to do some shows together. When we hang out we just think we are the funniest two people alive�well we are, that�s why.

Dorian � Heather�s cousin. She�s from Atlanta, so she�s different than us Mass people. One of the nicest people around. When she moved here all the guys were like �tell me about your cousin Heather��. Not really, but I�m sure they were thinking about it.

Shawn � Shawn is from Lynn, Massachusetts. When my friends from London were here this summer they met Shawn and I said �Shawn�s from Lynn, tell Shawn what I told you about Lynn��.�You can buy crack there� they replied. As far as I know Shawn doesn�t smoke crack, but he does have bad luck, he�s the guy that got hit by the dump truck on June 15th I think, well his car, he just had his car stereo stolen on Wednesday.

Annu � She�s new, no pun intended, so don�t even make the tired joke. She moved here from Florida a hile back, started working at the coffee shop I frequent, I developed this �crush� on her, and became good friends with her. She�s young also, well, 21. She�s one of the coolest girls around, even if she goes to that Goth club on Friday nights. : )

Christian � I�ve known him for years also, him and Matt were best friends in high school, but were forced apart during some sexual misconduct between two parties�old news at this point, we still get together every Saturday and eat lunch. He�s a very smart guy, web designer, and all around cool guy. He dated Dorian for a while. He has a good first name.

Breaux and Aarne � the drummer and bassist in my band respectively. There�s no one on the earth like Breaux. I can�t explain. Aaarne is quiet and looks like a cross between John Denver, a young Walter Becker of Steely Dan and Beck mixed.

Tony � More Shawn�s friend, well, we more or less started hanging out with him through Shawn recently, but have known him for a while. He�s tall, drinks and falls around a lot. He has no furniture in his apartment, forcing us to break dance drunk on the wood floors.

That�s all I can think of for now. If I�m forgetting anyone, kill me.

The marijuana does nothing now. The alcohol does nothing now. I had a beer and a half tonight and just didn�t enjoy it. I smoked pot and it didn�t really do much besides make a re-run of that game show Card Sharks seem interesting. Not sure how to continue this now. Stomach aches and stupid dreams coming up in ten minutes. It�s the weekend, I need to write more, just not right now.


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