Oh Joy!
2000-08-21 || broken
�I am a broken clown built to tread.

Destined to drown my sorrows in corn-which I acknowledge.

I am not a man to deny my rhyme, my reason why.

Sweep it all under the rug, slap my face-it�s showtime!

My public awaits. I will give my all tonight.

Many a happy child.

I will do what parents cannot.

I will not kiss your baby.

100 proof flames start to smother.

Broken ashtray-thoughts of another

Blood stained mattress, hotel matches-ships a goin� down.

Fell like a flint in a Zippo lighter grind me down til my spark burns brighter

But tonight I�ll sleep in my baby�s arms wherever she may be.

I will bring down the house tonight.

I will tear down the bigtop tonight.

This night shall be the one I dream of in dreams.

This night I�ll be the one to answer my prayers

Let free the animals from their cage to roam�

The streets are my enemies.

They lay down to let me walk into another blind alley.

Then they attack-but I will not turn back.

For tonighti walk amongst the dead and I�m lost

No one will give directions to a broken clown.

No one ever loves a broken clown.�

-Sheer Terror

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