Oh Joy!
2000-08-20 || a big place I keep a tiny part of you in
Today I painted a heart shape in the sky on my way home from work, going to lunch. I looked up and it�s still there. Hanging over the cool breezes in Salem. This big heart in the sky. I wish I could show it to someone. I paint things for special people. People who no matter how many times �let me down� or don�t seem interested in my existence. For these special ones I paint things in the sky with a special dedication. It stays forever, for as long as I can feel at least a glimmer of something. I release what I feel into the sky and just let it sit there and collect dust, let it burn into someone�s head. Have it right out in front of their house so they can�t avoid it every time they go out. They see this reminder of me every single time they leave the house. They�ll see a reminder of my desperation, of my obsession. It will remind them of how many times a day I would dedicate something I was doing to them. It will remind them that this is how I do things. It will remind them that I could never give up, no matter what I say or do that would seem the contrary. It reminds them that I�m under it as well. It reminds them of how strongly I felt about them. It reminds them that I will always be around. It reminds them that there will always be a place in the sky for the both of us. It�s a reminder, just a simple little reminder. It�s left me, it�s now been released from me. It�s my reminder, it�s there for me to take back anytime I want it. It�s just a simple little thing I did.

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