Oh Joy!
2000-08-18 || zebra pattern and tinted windows
The coffee girl smiled as she got into my car and pushed her sunglasses upon her nose. She wanted to know where we were going for the day. I said I had no idea. She was happy with that. She loved sticking her hand out the window and waved it through the wind like a fish swimming upstream, or some sort of hippie dance. Her short dirty blonde hair didn�t flicker the least bit in the wind. That smile though, with the wind, and the sun and the loud music and cigarette smoke and skin and iced cold drinks and jokes and the whole vibe. It makes me feel alive and well on planet earth. It makes Massachusetts feel so much better. It makes a guy want to return to Massachusetts. It makes going to bed every night that much easier. It makes the Rolling Stones feel even better in the Sunday afternoon fall. It always feels right. Unfortunately, it�s all inside my head.

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