Oh Joy!
2000-08-17 || Carly Simon
Soundtrack � Cocteau Twins � The Pink Opaque

The best part of the day is the end of the day. This is the only time I don�t need to answer the phone, this is the time I don�t need to talk to anyone. Nothing needs to be mailed anywhere. I don�t have to get gas. I don�t need cigarettes right now. It�s me and Elizabeth. I feel silly right now. A man. A real man, hiding behind something. I have plans. Big plans inside my head right now. I have nothing in there actually. I want to feel a bit empty right now. I�m sick of being full of feelings. I�m sick of being full of shit. Ha ha ha. The way I�ve always heard goodbye has always been different. The airport played a big part in some goodbyes in the past. The phone was a big one. What a way to go out. A curious boy always wants the fast way out. He wants the quick fix. Okay tell me you don�t love me, I can tell you�re going to say that. In the car while staring out at the train station and orange street lights. Never with notes. Never at the dinner table. Never in the movie theatre. The airport. What a place to have that done to you.

I�m running out of anything inside right now that�s worth even writing down. Fuck.

Upon some silly looking castle I looked down and saw my future in front of me. Two years later I'm passing notes through the ugly girl with braces to her pretty friend. Ugh I've never felt as dumb as I feel this minute. Quick slap me or do something.

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