Oh Joy!
2000-08-16 || Muzzles from Hell
Today was a good day. But right now, I feel dizzy, relieved, content, and anxious all at the same time. I met a pit bull tonight. I generally don't like dogs, and I ended up at this apartment tonight for some reason, an attractive woman with tattooes all over greeted us and said something to the effect of "just let the dog sniff you first". So of course I walk in and there's one of those pit bulls. Muscles. Mean faces. Muzzles from hell. She keeps telling it to go in the other room while I stand there with my arms up in the air scared that it's going to "get me". Some big guy with tattooes and a moustache comes out introduces himself and then says "are you afraid of dogs?" I immediately responded, "Yes". He took the dog away. I think it's just those "crazy dogs" I'm not into. They scare me and freak me out. "They sense your fear!" They tell you. Well....yeah, but just get it away from me, it's going to bite my hand off any minute.

Tonight I bought: Planet Of The Apes on DVD, and a used copy of Yessongs on CD. I had this on record a while ago, and a "discussion of sorts" came up recently which lead me to it. I agree that this would be the ultimate introduction record for people not familiar with them. Also the two studio records he suggested.

I can't say how nice it feels to have some sort of effect on someone through writing words. Well, good effects. Recently, I think I've caused some damage, and said shitty things that didn't accomplish one positive thing whatsoever. So it's something I want to work on. I like the positive feedback much better. Karma is real.

Like I said I'm dizzy right now, more tomorrow afternoon.


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