Oh Joy!
2000-08-11 || these horses, and these camels
soundtrack - Neil Young - Freedom

It's late as hell, and I'm not drunk. I did the outside bar thing tonight with Matt, Tony, etc...Ran into this old friend Chris that I have seen three times in the past week at my bands rehearsal studio(where his new band just moved into). We spent some time talking afterwards for a while, namedropping, talking old times, etc. It's good to see someone my age from way back. He lives in the area now and we talked about setting up some shows together with our bands.

I have ice cold water to drink right now. I'm addicted lately. It feels good. There's no real reason why anyone should ever talk and/or write about drinking water though.

I am now a machine, ready to spit things out, ready to say words. So many fucking words. She notices all the words. She's sick of all the words, I know that. It's all I have though. All I really have is the words, and what's inside of me that doesn't really show. Curiosity, passion, everything. Exhaustion. Yeah, exhaustion.


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