Oh Joy!
2000-07-30 || the car starts quiet for ninjas
soundtrack - Elvis Presley - some box set thing (HA! what a nerd)

It always arives at 1:36 AM. it always shows up. I told myself I didn't want to see 1:36 ever again. Go to sleep at 1:00, n ot 1:30, you will be forced to look over at it. It will fill you up. What that is at 1:36. Let me tell you waht happens severry night at 1:36 Am. It'c omes out and fills me up >loneliness. It comes out late like that. I:36 is late now. I can't see it anymore. I had to leave that fucking party. Who the hell would just show up there after 1am already after you had a perfectly good time. Who the hell would want to get into that. Who would tell me, I mean who would want to see 1:36 if they knew what happesn to me every ngith at 1:36 am. I smile. I laugh. I did that all night. it was genuine. Art exhibits and demons aren't interesting me. This cd is. Art exhibits and I had this coffee that I lost earlier tonight. I can't. I think I left it at that party. That party pissed me off. I walk in and the dog. I need a bathroom, there's bugs and girls every fucking where you need to turn. Is there? Wait, there's no cliques. There's no animosity. Why do all girls think they hate each other? They always. She hates me" They got some nerve doing that. Everything is copesetic. Everything works out in the end. Nobody hates you. I certainly don't. I ain't sharing none of this with you though. This stays here. You don't get any of this. You don't get this. The party. Bugs. Art exhibits. CDogs. Rap music. Joe Glowakcsi has a big dick i hear. I think I could throw up. I threw up in the car tonight. I threw up. Everything makes me sick. This drink makes me sick. % 5 jack/ck 2 joints. there's no concern there. There's no cause for concern. He's gone, pass the ridalin. The car starts quiet for ninjas, as me and james brown go on the good foot down the rest of ther street, whil e unsuspecting subs try exorcisms and attention deficcit disorder. The car struggles away from everything he felt was heaven. The car take the ;last long ride home. %5 minutes, and two songs, one on shuffle, skip this one, this one moves more. What's this ocnversation about boyfreidns and ex-boyfriends. I have an ex-girlfriend. I have a couple. >Let me tell you I loved them all. I loved them all dearly. Throwing jackets on puddles, and singing happy birthday on answewring machines. Let me tell you I loved them all. I can talk about that. I can't talk about my last book I read. I can't talk about how sore my arms are from the weightsl. I can't believe he just can't be a man. He has excuses. he has weaknesses. I'm going where the girls are. Sunny Florida! Don't those same seating patterns get old after a week? I'm going to pull the slot machine. I'm going to fly out of a plane. An airplane. I'm going to do it all. You watch how famous this gets me. You watch how the punctuation goes out the fucking window. You just end up going out the window. How many make out sessions does it take to change a lightbulb? 1. 2. One to turn it, and one to make sure it ain't too hot. You can't get me too covered in green. I get green over anything. This is why it's all a mess. This is the answer right here. Escape. You have to shake every godamned hand in the country besides Al Gore. You have to be a politician waving from the car and kissing babies(I still haven't an idea where that baby was, you loved that baby) A diner. What was it. You talked about babies. na na na na nana ana na na nana na na na nana na na na nana na na na nanaa na na na na na na na na a nana na nan na nana na na na nana na na na nana na na na nana na na na nan. I talked about. I feel dizzy and have to hang up now.

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