Oh Joy!
2000-07-29 || Ralph Furley throwing up behind the Regal Begal
soundtrack - Elvis Costello - Get Happy!

It's funny how obvious people are with their priorities. Exhibit A: Him:"Where you going tonight?" Me:"To the bar" Him:"With the usual group?" Me:"No, they're going to a party" Him:"Then who are you going to the bar with?" Me:"Myself, I don't feel like talking to a million people tonight" Him:"So the girls will all be at that party?" Me:"I have no idea where the fucking girls will be tonight, and I don't really care" Him:"I'll probably go to that party then, I'd rather hang out with girls than drink pitchers of beer" Me:"It's good to see where your priorities are" Why would you want to display such horrid social skills as that? It's funny how different I think from everyone here. Let's all get together and talk about outer space blah blah fucking blah. I feel like getting drunk and not myself tonight. I don't really want to answer any questions tonight, I don't want to laugh at any jokes tonight, I don't want to sit there and hope I'm gonna get laid. I want to hang out with boys and play billiards and talk about playing in bands and Mel Gibson movies. I hate watching him talk to girls it's pretty funny. Sorry, I'd rather not say a fucking word to girls than sit there and name drop and act like a guy out of a movie. Larry was my favorite character on Three's Company. Never wanted to be Jack. I wouldn't be able to go back and forth from actin gay to acting hetero. Too confusing. I need to stay in gay character for more than a week at a time : ) I feel like getting out and forgetting anything that's got me confused right now. I feel like screaming at the wall right now. I feel like I'm always doing that, just not with my mouth. It looks as if I will never open my mouth again. This is how it always will be, always was, and should be. I have nothing to say.

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