Oh Joy!
2000-07-24 || the sun and the bedroom
sounds=stones - Goats Head Soup

It's 11:52 AM, I'm sitting at a desk. I can hear birds out side, there's no air conditioner on. My phone is not ringing. I haven't received three hundred e-mails. No one is yelling. Hey wait, look, this isn't my office, this is my bedroom. The day off. Worshipped universally, like some sort of god. I needed this today. I had a day off yesterday, but this feels better, as we all know what a Monday can do to a mna's soul.

So being around some friends, I realize one thing. Some people can't go at it alone. I sometimes wish others could have this. It just seems like a lot of people can't stand more than a day by themselves. Always need to have the mouth going at all times. Me, I like the time I get by myself. Sure I get in those moods where that's all I want to do is be alone, but I do like being around people. I like all of my friends and being around them. In fact Stefanie called me at 2:30 or something like that last night and I was more than willing to talk to her for a little while. Normally I would hang up on someone like that. I just value my time alone. I enjoy spending time by myself. Sometimes you do way too much thinking and it can be bad for you, but most of the time I feel good by myself.

So I have this chat AOL Instant messenger thing set up now. I was just talking to my friend shawn, and just to see what it did I sent him a warning and put his warning level at 20% now...anyway, my screen name for that is alvysinger3 if anyone cares. I'd love to chat unexpectadly with anyone, I'm not shy I swear.

It appears to me that I have nothing to say in the morning so I am going to stop, what a short boring entry.

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