Oh Joy!
2000-07-24 || Well, not Tori Amos anyway
Sound - Phish - 6/9/00 2nd set (who knew that I would be able to burn Phish shows on to CD's 8 years ago? Especially ones from the past month?)

Okay, here's the deal, so a few minutes ago I was looking here and I was reading some of her past entries as she is a cool dame, and I found one about "music to make out to", or "music to fuck to", or something along those lines...and in the interest of copying other people I've devised my own list here. When you think of "music to have sex to" or whatever you can usually picture some guy reeking of Polo cologne (what was I thinking of in 6th grade covering myself in that god awful stench?) lighting candles, and dropping the needle on some nice Marvin Gaye jams. There's certainly nothing wrong with that but...It's not me, it's too planned. The best is usually spontaneous, although somewhat planned. In other words, if you have a date over, it's probably a good idea not to immediately put the new Kid Rock CD on (although, it's probably never a good idea to put the new Kid Rock CD on). Without further rambling here are my favorites:

1) Cocteau Twins - Treasure

2) Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed/Beggars Banquet

3) Stan Getz - anything

4) The Beatles - anything after Sgt Peppers

5) The Cure - Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

6) I can't think of anything else right now....

There's always been soundtracks to big events in my life that I can remember. Some have been right on target, others just didn't work out. The first time I kissed Heather I could hear Ani Difranco faintly in the kitchen. This didn't sit well with me, and I knew it was doomed immediately...just kidding. Anyway another good thing to remember, never listen to the radio in your car when the DJ is conducting an interview with a hardcore band, you're drunk, and getting a blow job. I wouldn't know from experience, someone just told me that once. So from now on I'm going to plan my soundtracks. It will be the blueprint of everything to come from then on. When, a few years back, an old girlfriend and I "got back together" we were in my room listening to The Beatles. Now I always think of that night when I hear Abbey Road. It was one of the best nights of my life, and I like to have that connection with some records. So in the interest of being "the guy with the lists" here's a small list of records and what they do to me:

1) All- Alroy Sez <> Kerry Collins. She was the one I went out with for over a year and then fucked a bunch of my friends. Great record, I couldn't listen to it for years after that. Now I listen to it and think of how it feels to be a foolish young boy.

2) Beastie Boys - Check Your Head <> I've never really talked about my love of hip hop music in here before. I love hip hop music. I'm still having issues with the Beastie Boys though, damn I love em like the next guy. Right now though, they are stuck between the Beach Boys and the Beatles, not Arrested Development and Biz Markie. Not because they're white, I just feel they have more than just hip hop. Anyway, this record makes me think of summertime. Hot summer, driving with the windows down, etc.

3) The Smiths - Hatful of Hollow <> High school. Girls. First dates, etc.

4) Tom Waits - The Heart Of Saturday Night <> Being drunk with Stefanie a few years back.

5) U2 - The Joshua Tree <> Falling asleep in the middle of the day and waking up at 7pm sweating from the summer heat.

6) Beck - Midnight Vultures <> Driving to Phish in Portland Maine last December with Jeremy, Denise, and Tellie

7) Deftones - White Pony <> Nashville, TN June 2000.

8) Billie Holiday - Songs For Distingue Lovers <> Driving while contemplating a silly relationship I was in.

9) Elvis Costello - My Aim is True and the song Everyday I Write The Book <> Heather.

10) Van Halen - Fair Warning <> Phish summer tour 1998.

So there you have it. There's a million more, but those are some that stick out. If music didn't play such a large part of my life, I don't know what would. Knitting? Television? Oh by the way, I must say I am bored with television. I mean I've never been into it much anyway. I like to have it on while the music is on in the hotel rooms but that's about the extent of it. I am even one of the few people in the world who as seen probably under 5 episodes of the Simpsons (sorry, it doesn't make me laugh much...). I put it on late at night sometimes and find myself just flipping over and over. Some shows I do enjoy though: Oz on HBO, Seinfeld, The Sopranos on HBO, Red Sox games, The Real World for some reason always sucks me in, The Croc Hunter (my friends and I do some mean impressions of that guy!), and of course, the guys who sell the sports cards, Don West particularly. That guy rules. Why am I on a computer in the middle of the afternoon?

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