Oh Joy!
2000-07-22 || do you have any Led Zeppelin tapes?
soundtrack* Captain Beefheart - A Carrot is as close as a rabbit gets to a diamond

Commerce. I just got back from some afternoon shopping at the mall. As hellish as it can be with all the cars and people and yelling kids and hot cars in the parking lot after you've walked through the hot sun of the parking lot, I made some good scores today...among them, another pair of Adidas-black with yellow stripes(Boston Bruins style...or Pittsburgh Pirates). I spotted these before I went away and kept them in the back of my head until today...I am obsessed with shoes and sneakers personally. It's one of my weaknesses. Just a couple of different kinds, but...Even thought I raved that I hated people that are fashion conscious a week ago here, I can't for the life of me think of what the hell to wear with these...I also picked up this Beefheart CD, I've been looking for it for a while...a couple of Miles Davis CD's, one which I just realized I alredy had...I do this often. I think I still have CD's I bought a year ago I haven't heard yet...a couple used Nat Cole trio CD's, some Beach Boys reissues, and a Django CD. I've been getting back into the jazz again. This is bad though, I have too many CD's in my room right now (I think over 2000 now). I need a new habit. Does anyone know if heroin is cheaper?

So today I had some phone calls from hell at the record shop:

11:05 AM EST

me: Hello Rockit Records

he: Hi what time do you guys close?

me: Nine

he: PM?

me: yes

11:28 AM EST

me: Hello Rockit Records

he:(television, kids, women heard in background) Hi ya know those Korn video bootlegs you have?

me: yes

he: Do you have any new ones

me: hold on...yeah, there's a couple from this year

he: (to someone in background) he's got one from April. Hey, is that from the tour with Metallica?

me: Not sure

he: What else do you have?

me: about 6 different ones from 1999

he: (to someone in background) hey, do you want one from 1999? Yeah she wants one...ummm Hey Susan, what did you want me to ask this guy?

Susan in background: Fleetwood Mac

he: Fleetwoo-

me: No

he: Stevie Nicks?

me: hold on....yeah we have one from 1982

he: nothing by Fleetwood Mac though?

me: nope

he:(to someone in background)...what? CD's? Oh my daughter wants to know if you have any Korn CD's...she's practically the president of the fan club.

me: Really...No

he: Well, we're going to come up and buy that video from April...we live on the south shore and a come up there a lot and spend a lot of money usually

Susan in background: put that down!

he: hey...sorry...okay thanks

me: sure, have a good day

he: bye bye

me: bye

11:40 AM EST

me: hello Rockit

she: Hi, do you have a date for the new U2 record?

me: No, I'm going stag


me: Sorry, I always do that, no I'm sorry we don't

she: Okay, thanks

me: yup...bye

she: bye

I love working retail. It's one of the only times I'm sort of forced to talk to people. It's funny how I always say I don't talk, etc. When I'm at the store though I'm all over the place talking to everyone that comes in. The owner, and the others are sort of bitter record store people (ala Jack Black in High Fidelity, except not as funny). They are generally rude to people. I like making friends there though. It's great being able to talk about how great Iron Maiden is one minute, and then help someone find an NSYNC cd the next.

I'm ready.

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