Oh Joy!
2000-07-21 || chinese food, live stuff from Japan, and miniature golf
so I left work a little early today. Driving home my eyes felt very heavy. I think my experiment I discussed last night is a bad idea...so...I'm going to try and get a little bit of sleep this weekend. Tonight though, Jeremy and I are going to go out, maybe do some miniature golfing, but most importantly listen to the new discs I burned of some mp3's of Phish shows from a few weeks ago. It's some great stuff, and he's looking forward to hearing it all. I do the music hunting, and he does all the stuff. As a matter of fact, Jeremy is in charge of the editting of a book on Phish that is coming out this fall. We're all pretty excited about it, as it's a major book that will be in every store that sells music or books. Plus, I have a few reviews of shows I wrote. You can read about it more right here .

Hopefully with a little sleep I will be a less grumpy, more user friendly satchmo. Well, this entry was more or less a test to see if my linking worked. Thanks Echoman , so that is all for now...

btw I now have AOL Instant Messenger, as of 2 minutes ago anyway, as soon as I get that up and running, perhaps I'll put that screen name here somewhere...and one other thing, I would never judge someone for watching the Real World, don't be silly, I have been sucked into watching those all day marathons many times...

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