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2000-07-12 || Everday I Write The Book
soundtrack * Bill Evans - Everybody Digs Bill Evans

So speaking of bad breath, I had an hour long training session on some new computer programs at work with one of our I/S (or former actually : )) guys. He was at my desk, and first of all I couldn't hear the Johnny Cash - Live At San Quentin CD Reissue with 8 bonus tracks, and restored original order. Secondly, his breath is as bad as his teeth are. I'm assuming the teeth have a profound effect on why his breath is like that. Thirdly, he was basically on top of me, both sets of legs under the desk close. I kept squashing myself against the side as it was just...creepy. Reminds me of when I was younger(young teen I think) and I was getting a haircut. My hands were on the end of the arm rest holding on so to speak. He leaned in to cut my hair a few times and his ummmm....thingy was squashed against my hand. I didn't want to move my hand, as it would have seemed like I was trying to get busy with him. I played it out, and when he was "done" I took my hands away, as soon as I felt comfortable I'd put my hands back, and it would happen again! My hair grew down to my ass after that barber shop visit. Actually, I think I may have switched to a woman...in my young hormone charged self, I was probably thinking I could have the same experience. So this guy was at my desk for what seemed like 3 hours showing me all sorts of cool stuff I can do now.

I feel as if a nine-hundred pound weight has been taken off of my head right now. I got a phone call tonight, and after an arguably brief 15 minute conversation, I hung up feeling completely different than I did three days ago. The movie has thankfully ended, and I can get back to feeling better about myself. Unfortunately, in the face of contentment, ones art usually suffers. I'm assuming band practice will suck tomorrow night. I want it to be just like it always was: fun, casual, whatever. I can't go on being a dark cloud carrier. I hate walking under those fucking things. The saxophone always has a different tone though. You hear music a whole lot differently than normal. Moving right along and singing Twisted Sister songs is much better than lying in bed listening to Galaxie 500 and Van Morrison (well, actually, that's wrong, who wouldn't want to do that?).I don't have it in me anymore to act like that, or feel like that, it's gone on too long. I want to be back on vacation. I am in a sense, on vacation from that other guy. I hate that fucking guy sometimes. I told someone to slap me or tell me to shut the fuck up. Nobody did. Where's the love? He has no one to blame but everyone else. He is always right when it comes to drama. I feel good tonight. I feel like talking about music, not how depressed I am, and how people piss me off, and how this one is not paying attention to me, and this one is not living their life right. Without further ado:

"The top five records you don't know you should own, or maybe you do, if so, than good for you." In no particular order.

1) Into Another - Seemless <> These guys came from a hardcore, as well as metal background. the first, self titled record is a bit cheesy at times. But this record, their third and last (they broke up) is an amazing record from start to finish. The sound is all their own, blending good metal type guitar with an ear for melody and hooks that would make the guys in Alice In Chains cry. Intelligent lyrics, and an atmosphere all their own, this is great stuff.

2) Moving Targets - Burning In Water <> These guys broke up a while ago as well, but this, the first album rocks from start to finish. Bostons answer to Husker Du with a touch of Mission Of Burma and a touch of REM. The singer offered to give me Bukowski T-shirt off of his back one day.

3) Ween - Chocolate and Cheese <> Forget the silly "Push the little Daisies" song that was a hit before this record (although it is pretty funny), this is a great record. Great songs. Their sense of humor is a little offensive, so be careful if you're offended easily. But songs like "Freedom Of 76'", and "Roses Are Free" are just great songs. Plus anyone that can have a song called "Mister Would You Please Help My Pony", or sing the lyrics "Smile on mighty Jesus, Spinal Menangitis got me down" is okay in my book.

4) Karate - The Bed Is In The Ocean <> I'll have to admit, I dismissed these guys for years, as my ex-girlfriend dated one of them after me, but after "getting the fuck over it pal" I checked them out. There's no way to really explain what they sound like. Geoff Farina has the best guitar tone in Boston, his lyrics spoken/sang over laid back "late night driving" type music will do wonders for you if you're up late at night by yourself.

5) Bob Dylan - Time Out Of Mind <> Well, everyone should know about this, his last studio album he released. Produced by Daniel Lanois. No comment on this gem.

"I'll be over in a little while...I love you" This was coming out of the back seat of my car tonight. I looked over at Matt, I don't think he caught it. After listening to little snippets of conversation like "you mean that chair?", "Yeah, I'll do it tomorrow with you", "Well, yeah, I'm just gonna be out a little longer", "Noooo", etc. I had to feel a little sympathy. Or a little relief perhaps? I can't imagine having to answer questions like that, and deal with the phone calls, and the trips to buy fucking wicker chairs and fixing headlights, etc. She is someone I could never in a million years go out with. Yikes. They break up every other week, and then she shows up somewhere to talk to him the next night, and they're dating again. This has gone on for two years of the three year old relationship. What a mess it is too. Him being out with a girl that is more friends with the girls in our group than us driving her home, telling her how his realtionship is good right now...and then grabbing her head to kiss her at the end of the ride! How funny. She just said something like "Not a good idea" and ran out of the car. His excuse was "I was really stoned". When is the last time anyone turned into a molester because they were too stoned?! "Man I'm so stoned right now I'm going to have sex with that giraffe over there". It doesn't do that to a person. He got caught being his usual self, and that's the bottom line. I can't imagine what it must be like to be with her alone though. She whispers shit to him when he's out with us and her. She always has this godamned smug face on. If she's in a bad mood you can't talk to her. I remember we ran into him and her, as well as Steve and Tracey at the record shop one day and they all said hello, while she stared off into space all pissy looking I said hello to everyone and when she looked at me I said "Fuck you Sarah". I always give her shit, she's sort of fun to aggravate. She knows I'm sort of kidding, but then again I'm not : ) Anyway, there's no reason to really talk about her here. There are many better Sarahs' out there I could be talking about. Ninny.

I'm wired and I'm going to lay in bed.

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