Oh Joy!
2000-07-11 || Best Supporting Actor
music - Dylan/Blonde on Blonde

In work on lunch break. Mmmmm broiled salmon and veggies. It is the same mood as always in here. I come here and wonder how people 10, 20 years older than me can act more immature than I. I wonder where it comes from. Am I going to be bitter like that when I get old? Shit, I am old actually.

So today is a good mood day so far, in the shower this morning I had this thought, and only this thought, hence my writing this short entry: All I really wanted was to get a chance to ask how it made you feel, both gifts I gave you. No pressure just a simple question. I know for a fact that I personally went into the office and asked if I could have a starring part in the soap opera, as a matter of fact, I think I brought a script with me and made sure I directed all of the actors to act it out the way I wrote it. I think the show needs to be taken off the air now though. I wanted to play the show for all of my friends. I wanted to be the star. I am the star yes. I always star in these shows and films. My next one is going to be a comedy though. perhaps a great romantic one like Manhattat, Annie Hall or something like that. I have no desire to be in the sequel to Kramer vs. Kramer though.

Yikes I have bad breath now, I should go smoke a cigarette and make it better.


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