Oh Joy!
2000-07-10 || and then the pilot goes to sleep
soundtrack = U2 - Boy

So I just got some pictures from Jeremy from the trip. They're mostly Atlantic City, including one with me looking very, very high at 5AM on the boardwalk in the rain. As well as a good one of us taken at one of the shows together. I may post them here at some point this week (after I take the pile of bills I've been avoiding, post vacation, off of the scanner).

So I saw the movie Roadtrip tonight, as silly as it seemed, it wasn't that bad actually. Todd Phillips, who directed it, also directed the GG Allin film, as well as a documentary on Phish (that I saw an advance grainy video of recently). Sort of a complete opposite from seeing an indy film in Cambridge last night, but fun nonetheless. I feel pretty good tonight yet again. I got some shit off my chest, who knows what the next step is, but, I said what I wanted to say (well, about 10% of it) and now I move along I guess. With that said, I really have nothing else in me to say tonight. I've been in writing mode for a week straight since I returned from vacation. Some if it fueled by frustration, some of it the result of build up over a couple weeks of not writing at all. Regardless, my brain is blank at this point. I'm not going to shoot myself in the foot and say "Now I'm happy forever" as there's so much still out there. Right now, this isn't the place or the time.


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