Oh Joy!
2000-07-09 || sports talk only from now on
Soundtrack - Bracket - When All Else Fails

This is my first time hearing this band, I had heard good things about them, and it sounds pretty good. I've been playing a whole lot of the "punk rock" lately though: Get Up Kids, Promise Ring, Descendents, etc. I love the whiney songs about girls etc...reminds me of my band : ) Which reminds me...Echoman mentioned this in his as well, but why the hell is Bad Religion opening for Blink 182?

So today has been good, the Red Sox beat the Braves...the MVP should go to Garciaparra, as he hit two home runs, and was a big help on the defense. I think I'll change this diary to a sports only diary from now on. No more talk about rock and roll, driving around the country, and women, strictly sports from now on. No. I don't really like sports that much, I like following the Red Sox and maybe some football here and there, but I can think of a million better ways to spend 3 or 4 hours...I went to lunch with Matt, we ran into Barrence Whitfield at the record shop, an old friend of mine that used to work in there. He's a pretty popular soul singer from the area that got me into a ton of funk, soul, and jazz. He always used to put James Brown vinyl aside for me, a cool ass guy. He told us he went to the Sox(more sports talk!) when John Rocker was there and yelled to him "Hey why don't you take the Orange Line to Roxbury tonight!!!". He's a funny man, and I would recommend tracking down some of his records to anyone that likes good R & B, etc...We also ran into Tony and Shawn and talked for a little while. I enjoy the boys I know, it always brings me back to reality a little. I feel good now. Talking about power tools, football, and porno movies is great for the soul of a boy.

I feel so strange right now. I feel outside. I feel like I have no chance, it's too deep to go in there, you'll drown! I'm not going to take the weak way out and make sweeping generalezationshowthefuckdoyouspellthat like "women suck". It's childish, and just plain igorant. I know tons of great girls, and I know what I like in girls. What I don't like is gang metality, etc. People are going to let you down, men, women, everyone. Nobody is going to find what they're looking for by being bitter towards a whole sex. I seem to remember a time when people were less complicated and didn't need to know your every motive. Shit flowed like Niagra Falls. You went with it, it was easy. Nowadays though, you act the wrong way, you say the wrong things, and you're a rapist. You're a part of a grand scheme to treat women like shit. I've never treated any women like shit in my life (except maybe a random 96 year old English teacher in Junior High). I have no reason to be like that. I rarely treat people like shit. I don't igonre people if there's a problem. I don't make promises and break them. I don't like to be blown off, it's the worst feeling in the world, especially from people you thought were close, and cared. I could never hate any of the girls I know, I'm not that childish. I don't get bitter and bitchy because I don't get what I want. I move along and get on with my fucking life. Sure, I get depressed, but it just ends up bringing out a mess of old things sitting in my head. It brings out the worst feelings I ever have. The days of sulking. The days of coming on here, getting in a mood and just letting everything out in 30 minutes. It's honest for right then. But if anyone wants to get to know me, they need to be around me, not read what I write here. I'm not as bipolar as this damn thing probably makes me out to be. When I'm alone though, I do a lot of thinking, when I have nothing to do, I come on here and write, what comes out is what comes out. It's me, yeah, but it's just me alone in my room at 2:30 in the morning after a long day. It's me under the influence of caffeine, nicotine, and adrenaline. I have no energy to waste on hating anyone, that's the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my life. I can be a jerk, I can be the biggest fucking jerk when I want. Nothing on here comes close to that though. I don't like to piss people off, but it's so fucking easy to turn that emotion on it's not even funny. But, sorry, that's not in my agenda right now. I'm still going to be standing here waiting for the ball to come back into my court. I've said and done enough already. I have nothing else to say, and I have no bit of effort left inside of me to be involved in any kind of drama. It's life, not a Tori Amos song.

So I found another good diary here last night: Entropia, I like her style last night. Why are all the good ones "E" ones. Is that a subliminal raver thing happening? Going out now.


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