Oh Joy!
2004-08-16 || 91
Soundtrack � Bjork - Debut

So because of some conspiracy by Jesus or something, rain has ruined two events this summer for me so far. The ironic thing, I like rain, I don�t really mind standing in it for very long. So we drove to the big show early Friday morning, we reached a traffic jam at 12:30 PM, moved three miles in 6 hours, and then didn�t move our car again until 9:15 in the morning when they told us to go home. 14 years of seeing the band and I can�t close it out properly. What a waste of time, money and effort. The whole trip epitomized my whole experience going to see them the last 14 years. Sleeping in my car on a highway, meeting people. The most amusing thing to happen during the traffic jam/parking lot was buying hash off of some hippie at 8:00 in the morning and smoking it as the sun got brighter. Now I�m back here bored out of my head. I never left the house today, and don�t really plan to tomorrow either. A complete waste of a weekend that I�d like to forget at this point, although I�m sure every person I see who knows I went, or is into the band will ask me about it. So if you�re reading this and you know me, don�t ask, don�t bring it up. I don�t really care to talk about it every again. In any manner. Really.

Today I watched Raising Victor Vargas. It was pretty good. I actually might go out in the day tomorrow and see Napoleon Dynamite. Or I may see if I can catch up with Stefanie and Heather who came out to both of our shows last weekend. I mentioned I�d like to hang with them outside of our gigs at some point. I haven�t been in the state to go out and do anything yesterday or today though.

I just watched a film clip of Jenna Bush sticking an Aquafina bottle in her rich white pussy. Anyone see this yet? Funny shit.

We have two more gigs, one coming up in two weeks or so, and then another in September, We�ve been getting a good number of shows lately. Enough to make it feel like too many, and not enough to make it feel like whatever the opposite of what I just wrote is, I forgot what I was talking about right here. Ritalin.

Sometimes, when I look at words on a sheet of paper, and do this squinting thing with my mind (hard to explain � but this happens when I go see live music, or rather has happened on five different occasions � the one I remember most was on August 11, 1998 in Burgettstown, PA � if you can make your mind squint, destroy your mental/peripheral vision, you can see things other people can�t see. Actually, you see less of what other people see, your focus becomes perfect, crystal clear. Everything around is removed besides where your mind is squinting.) and words appear in bold. Can you do this? I�m not crazy. I don�t do acid or anything like that. I can remove things though. For instance when I�m driving on a highway. I remove the car in front of me from my vision. I always look at the car two cars ahead of me. I�m going to have less time to react if the person in front of me steps on their brakes all of a sudden. If I�m ready before the guy in front of though, I�m on top of it and should never have problems on the highway.

I quite like this punk band Crass on the Itunes thing now. I�ve got 2645 songs on there now.

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