Oh Joy!
2004-08-12 || snippets of wendingo
Soundtrack � White Stripes � De Stijl

Out two nights in a row, and 800 before that. I am going to be surrounded by people for the next 5 days. Ouch. I am buying some shi � boring!

So we went to the first two shows of our little run last night. I was ready to murder anyone with dreadlocks I saw by the second night. The blatant disregard for others astonishes me. I refuse to give handouts to the homeless and/or jobless. Anyway, drugs made it more fun.

Speaking of drugs, I rolled a joint in the men�s room here at work on Tuesday and I was sitting on the toilet backwards, using the back of it to roll on. The lock on the bathroom doesn�t really work well, and generally people knock when they need to get in. Of course one of the new temp guys didn�t knock and came in and saw me hunched over the back of the toilet, presumably thinking I was jerking off or something.

This morning while sitting in traffic in this area where there are houses, doctor�s offices, and I thought of who was fucking in the woods. Teenage girls and soccer coaches locked up in a 69 position in the woods.

Oooh, I currently have a Skrewdriver box set on my desk someone brought in. Jealous?

I think

I was happy to see a few old friends show up for both nights of our gigs last weekend. I thought we played good. It was hot inside the club. Drug. A drug to go on stage in front of people that I can get high off just about 98% of the time.

Punk rockers should all be murdered and stuffed into a dumpster behind Star Market.

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