Oh Joy!
2004-08-03 || Here is your fuckholes.com password: *******
Soundtrack - Hank Williams

I have 90 songs from that box set on the Itunes thing now.

People fuck on the TV all night. Mannheim Steamroller helps them get loose y�all.

I just ate a fortune cookie from last week. I think I would rather eat a communion wafer, covered in the sperm, blood, and diarrhea of Christ.

I smoked 19 cigarettes in 5 hours. My throat hurts. Tomorrow will be brown.

Douche bags and ignorant people are everywhere. All day. 24 hours a day. All day they exist.

I will smash chickens.

Guitars of beast.

When a white person under the age of 30 picks up a guitar nothing good comes out.

When a black person over the age of 65 picks up a guitar, douche bags get owned. This was evident in the John Lee Hooker documentary.

I was sad to learn that the guy who I started working with at work, a Vietnam Vet, and huge record collector, like more than anyone you or I know (He�s even in that book about record collectors that came out semi-recently), has colon cancer. He told me outside today, and then rattled off about 20 different early country artists I should get into. Hopefully he�ll be okay after his operation in a couple of weeks.

Because of shit like this happening, God does not exist.

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