Oh Joy!
2004-08-02 || Catholics
Soundtrack � James Brown � Soul on Top

I fucking hate being here now. I am slowly getting ready to just up and leave here. The people are fucking slow and retarded and don�t do anything I ask. I have bagel breath on the back of my neck as they make sure the cash is rolling in and I don�t mess anything up. I hate driving here, it�s too long of a drive to ever be enjoyable, unless it�s going home. There is absolutely not one thing I like about being here anymore. Seriously, I would be happier if I were Jewish and walking into Auschwitz every day.

As for the state of Massachusetts, I feel the same way. I was relieved to be around folks who believe in Jesus last weekend. This place is so full of douche bags and useless money hungry fuckholes that I get sicker and sicker being here as the days go by. The way people talk. The way they drive. I really hope the terrorists come and kill tons of people here. I want to see the people around me suffer and cry like nobody�s business. I want all of my family and friends to be killed along with me. Life is boring and overrated. I�m sick of sitting around waiting to die. Quick!

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