Oh Joy!
2004-06-25 || this is this belongs to frannie
Soundtrack � The Sharon Osbourne show on mute, ceiling fan

I seriously saw someone with what the hell was it on the back of their car�shit, it was one of those expressions that will come to me in a few. The minute I saw it I literally said out loud to myself �Why would you put that on your car?�. I�ll get back to that in a minute though.

I have no clue what to do this weekend. Philadelphia is here to play The Sox, or most likely beat The Sox. Whatever though. Sunday will be spent on the reviews. I hate being a supervisor because of this. I hate judging people, especially where it will effect how much money they make. Anyway, I need to get in that mode of thinking for the weekend as they are due on June 30th. I will surely be working on them on June 30th�at 4:13 in the morning.

Just now I either heard fireworks, or someone shooting a gun. This happens occasionally. Just last month a convenience store clerk was stabbed to death right in a 7-11 down the street. They caught the guy who did it, he lived right across the way. Lots of police cars here one day. I missed it though.

FREE TIBET! (with the purchase of a � lb bag of Fritos)

I told myself I wouldn�t sit at this computer another night.

Who the fukc

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