Oh Joy!
2004-06-26 || The Good Year Blimp on Eg x 99
Soundtrack � Richard Thompson � Live

Holy Shit!

Now it�s close to 3:00 AM, I got in a little while ago. We hung out at tha apartment, and then went and got breakfast. It wouldn� be stretching it if I said I smoked a whole lot of marijuana tonight. There was a group of what I presumed were students from the Christian college in there; I accidentally exclaimed �Jesus Christ!� at a level loud enough for anyone in the restaurant to hear. Heh.

The beaseball teams won.


This one chills at a reflecting pool on the edge of your mind!

I was going to come home and burn music on to the hard drive, clean up around here a liotte for Sunday. I am going to be working on thoe review/evaluations for the employees. I need a desk wit h nothing on it.

Today they had the air conditioner up so high in there that I was frozen by the


Who�s this guy hnging in the tree waiting to jump down and bite you on the knee! Ouch!

Oh, and that woman that got fired is now filing an unfair labor charge saying I fired her because she was involved in the union contract negotiations, and a union steward. She really is a shitbag. After 7 months of them arguing that she was wrongly fired because what she did wasn�t that big of a deal and I blew it out of proportion, has now turned this dumb political route. People really amaze me sometimes.

how�s that for a fantasy horse?

How is your collections of fantasy horse?

You don�t have vvoclections of hansatsy horse � because acidzerak is the lizard zking � he will can doa nwything!

The other thing that will happen is. Umm, yeah . umm, Jesus flies you to an island and eats your fantasy pussy

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