Oh Joy!
2004-04-26 || It's all about the black pussy
Soundtrack � Phil Ochs - Collection

It�s raining out, and I have so much fucking work to do here today that I�m going to jerk off and smoke marijuana all night when I get out of here. Tonight is the first time I don�t have some sort of plans to do something related to the band, going out with friends, going shopping, anything. I�ll take this opportunity to clean the room and throw some shit out.

So talking to my friend the other night about politics and the like, I came to the conclusion, and I was glad to see someone else who agrees with me, that I am not going to vote. I always say this in here. But the excuse is the same. No matter who�s in office I�m still going to do the same thing every day. I could give a fuck if they take away civil rights of people I don�t even know, I don�t care if they want to keep spending money and killing people in Iraq. I don�t know anyone in Iraq, I don�t know anyone in the military in Iraq. I have no idea why we�re there, and I could care less. When I see a story on the news about a car bomb or suicide bombing in Iraq or Israel or wherever, I skip over it and read about when Welcome Back Kotter is going to come out on DVD, or what the Red Sox score was. John Kerry actually sounds worse than George Bush if you ask me. At least Bush is kind of fun to laugh at. John Kerry looks like some sort of reject from the cast of some homoerotic play who can�t make up his mind about where he stands. I don�t care to pay attention to any of this crap at this point. I think I�ll just vote for Bush to upset my retarded liberal friends. These tools actually wanted Al Gore in office, how much more cunty can you get than Al Gore? Regardless of who�s in office, men will still fuck each other in the ass, Puerto Rican people will still be unemployed and work car insurance scams in my city, and people who hate black people will still hate black people. Feel free to actually think your voting will make a difference in the long run, escapism is great for the soul.

My dad has been sending me a steady stream of anti-Bush stuff in my e-mail for 4 years now. So maybe it will be good if Bush goes.

Tonight I might watch some Spongebob Squarepants, eat some cookies and maybe have a glass of fruit punch.

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