Oh Joy!
2004-04-25 || A series of llama related paintings
Soundtrack � Frank Zappa � Chunga�s Revenge

Just got in from the gig a few minutes ago. It�s after 4AM now, as Aarne and I went to get some food at the all night breakfast place. The show went great, we made some new fans I think, as we sold 8 CD�s. I don�t think we�ve ever sold 8 CDs in general, let alone at one show. Heh. I flubbed no less than three songs I think. The PA was not as loud as we were, so my vocals were a bit buried, as they should be on occasion. They also had a disco ball spinning the whole time with most of the lights out. This, mixed with me being a little high made me slightly dizzy at some points, but not in a bad way. Joe, the guy who booked us is a great guy. He was there the whole time, yelling and getting drunk. At the end of the night he grabbed the microphone and started telling �drunk guy jokes� for about 10 minutes, it was kind of funny. He�s one of the few folks around here who I feel doesn�t blow smoke up your ass when he talks to you. 4 black people (2 men, and 2 women) all complimented me on my guitar playing this evening. Someone posted something nice about us on the message board I noticed just now. Next Friday we have another gig, in Lowell. I could do this every weekend.

Last night I went down to the club to see some live music and get out for a little while. I ran into a guy I hadn�t seen in a few years. We talked for a few minutes, and then of course the conversation turned to his band. He talked of these few labels looking at them for record deals. Each time he mentioned this specific thing (the labels), he rubbed his hand on the back of his head. A surefire sign someone is lying to you. I should know, I catch myself doing this from time to time. Not to say if I�m ever talking to you and I do that I am lying. I may actually be itchy, or just nervous because you are holding a weapon to me, or you have striking dark eyes or something.

The Sox took two games from the Yankees now. Tomorrow, Pedro is on the hill, I may go watch the game with the Madden brothers. Where it�s 4:40 AM right now, being up and out of the house by 1PM tomorrow could be a feat. Especially since I just packed the bong.

I bought the second season of The Office via Amazon. Oh my fucking God is that show funny. This second season I missed on BBC, save for bits of episodes here and there. David is almost too embarrassing to watch at some points. Brilliant stuff though. I love the blonde receptionist. She has a nice personality.

Okay, I can�t really see anymore.

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