Oh Joy!
2004-03-15 || The taste of sigue sigue sputnik tapes
Soundtrack � Yes � Going For the One

I now own all of the Yes reissues.

My voice is still hoarse, which could be a bad thing for my singing on Wednesday. I guess I�ll wait and see. I�ve cut back the caffeine, marijuana, and talking so�yeah.

The weekend was one of the better ones in recent memory. Friday night I stayed in and watched movies by myself. Saturday went out to see a couple bands with some friends in Salem. Got drunk, but not really drunk. Saw some folks from my office, as well as the woman I fired that has been the brunt of my hell here for a little while now. That wasn�t that bad. She is a bit loopy, and gave me a hug and said �it�s okay I know it�s all political, I still love you�I�ll still be your friend�etc.� What a strange scene that was anyway. If I hadn�t been drinking I probably would have left.

I want to see the film Michel Gondry just made with Jim Carrey.

I want to fuck your wife until she turns into Jesus Christ.

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