Oh Joy!
2004-03-08 || almost cut my hair
Soundtrack � Can � Tago Mago

Still sick�now every muscle in my body aches, and I have a coughing fit every 30 minutes or so that hurts my ribs worse than anything in the world. I left work early today, at 12:30 I guess it was. Went in to get more �evidence� against that woman I fired. Apparently I fucked up at one point, and she will probably have her job reinstated, because I didn�t fire her correctly I guess. I�m costing the company thousands of dollars in legal fees because of this, which is most likely why they haven�t mentioned anything about the raise I was supposed to get in January. Because of this shitty fucking union, you can�t just tell someone to go get another job. So people that have no work ethic whatsoever can stay at jobs for long periods of time. Or, like I just did recently, fill a job with someone less qualified because someone else had seniority. This is about as fucking retarded as Affirmative Action. One good thing that�s happening though, management, while negotiating the contract currently, let the contract expire, so they have no contract. The longer we drag our feet negotiating it, we can have another election to have it decertified in the fall. If this can happen before we go to arbitration with her case, it gets dropped, and she loses. If not, and they reinstate her, I will quit my job, where she will have my current boss, who is a hard ass that keeps track of everything, and I give her about a month before she gets fired again. Anyway, on Wednesday, I have the second step of the grievance to go to, which will involve lawyers, etc. I�m hoping I�m still sick and miserable. The cunt of a lawyer that works for the union will get sick perhaps. I like nothing more that sitting in a room full of Jewish people in suits. Kill me now.

I am going to shave my hair off tonight I think. I look like a fucking slob with this hair. This is by far the longest I�ve had it.

Yesterday, I drank: one whole bottle of Robitussin, one quarter bottle of DayQuil, a quarter of a bottle of NyQuil.

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