Oh Joy!
2003-12-16 || the mean bunny bunnie bunny how is it
Soundtrack � MF Doom

I just had an oil change done to the car. Imagine that?

They were talking about appropriate talk in the workplace and saying we need to say �Happy Holidays�, not just �Merry Christmas�. Why? Why do I give a fuck about anyone and what they are celebrating? Why would I give a fuck if I offended a Jew because I didn�t include them? People are so fucking lame sometimes with this shit. �You�re not supposed to act like that�. Really? Okay, thanks. Speaking of Jewish people, this woman called yesterday and gave me a hard time, unaware that she was speaking down to someone who has all of her personal information at their disposal. Anyway, I have all of her shit copied, and will probably start making her life a little bit more miserable in a month or so. I wonder how she�ll feel about buying a bunch of copies of Mien Kampf and the Turner Diaries from Amazon.com?

I wonder how you will feel when the person you love the most dies? How good will that feel when your husband or wife is no longer there to make you laugh? Coming home to an empty house, putting on the TV for a couple of hours and going to bed alone. Eating dinner in that fucking kitchen all by yourself. How many more times are you going to get to say �I love you� to that person you love before they are dead in a box underground not looking beautiful anymore?

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