Oh Joy!
2003-12-12 || cracked and sassy
Soundtrack � The Band � Music From Big Pink

What does it mean when you belch and it tastes like marijuana?

They had the election for the union at work today. It looks like the union is staying. The vote was 25 to 19�so the place is still obviously divided in half practically. Our campaign of trying to talk people out of having a union at work didn�t work, but showed the managers are actually more united than the union folks in m opinion. In the name of timing, I will be writing up a woman in my office in a few days for some �lack of attention to details� issues that will probably lead to termination. She is a union steward, so I assume they will think it�s retaliation of some sort. Anyway, there�s no reason why this needs to be discussed in a public forum. Oh wait this is my diary! Dear diary, today I asked Jennie to the dance on Friday, I hope that afterwards I can finger her behind the school, and then go home with blue balls and jerk off all over myself.

It was rather warm here today. The snow banks are melting, easing the traffic out a little bit thankfully. It has taken me well over an hour to and from work each day this week.

Here�s some things I don�t like:

I hate when people use the word �retarded� in a demeaning manner, �retards�, �tards�, etc.

I hate tomatoes.

I hate black people.

Just kidding! OMG LOL!

I hate traffic.

I hate how Italian people are portrayed in film and on TV.

I hate the man that didn�t thank me when I held the door for him at the coffee shop tonight, and I hope every single person he loves is killed in a bizarre cult-ritual murder where all of their blood is drained from their bodies, and soaked into a queen sized �blood mattress�.

I hate that there is no great music I have bought in the past month or so�I think. Wait. No, there wasn�t. It�s out there, where is it?

I hate the drive to work in the morning.

I hate people who use the word �hate�

�Yo, I like my women like Robert De Niro likes �em: black and classy�

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