Oh Joy!
2003-12-06 || sage against the machine
soundtrack � Yes � Fragile

I�ll never drink again. Just got in from the work holiday party. I actually only had three drinks, spread over a five hour period, and of course yet again just the mere taste of alcohol is now making me ill. Perhaps it was the lunch I had too. I had some boneless buffalo wings that were hotter than Brazil in August. Those made me a bit ill for the whole day. They had a thing filled with good coffee, so throughout the night I had about 7 or 8 cups of coffee. 1 gin and tonic, 1 beer, and then a beer later at a bar after the party. This is the obvious reason why I am sick right now.

I enjoy the parties every year, it�s the only time I get to talk to people I normally wouldn�t talk to, and see the folks who work for me in a more relaxed environment. With this union shit happening at work right now (there is an election next week to decertify the union, so there has been some mud slinging from both sides for weeks now � one of the stewards as he was leaving tonight said �Christian, thanks for being cool� or something like that. He then introduced me to his wife who for a brief period I thought looked like the singer Marc from Morphine.)

They talked me into walking over to get high and then go to a bar to have a beer. It was actually pretty cool, it was me, one of the computer guys, two of the women who work for me and one of their boyfriends. I felt strange getting high with people who I supervise. I guess it�s better than having an affair with someone who works for you which is what happened in another department at work. So they got drunk and yelled real loud in the bar. I am now home, snow, slippery roads. I kind of wish I had stayed home and watched TV and talked to Jodie on the phone, but I did have fun. I guess I mean to say I should have watched what I ingested into my body today, and maybe just continued the conversation with my boss at the end of the night, and then went home at eleven like a normal person would, especially in light of the weather.

I had no patience for the black guy that sells me weed at work sometimes tonight. HE has nothing to say but how hot women are. There is an Indian woman that works in accounting (Indian like curry chicken with pea pods and white rice [mmmm curry], not small pox blanket genocidicated), and literally the minute I see him I say hello and shake his hand and he says �mmmmm, I�d like some of that Indian food right there�. He was looking in one direction I thought maybe they had some Indian food in this Italian restaurant function room we were in. Excited with that possibility, I looked over and saw her sitting at a table socializing. I replied. �I�m gonna get some tortellini now Orlando�

hot dogs iced water chicken face get out of here!

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