Oh Joy!
2003-11-10 || Edward Gorey article I read over a sunny breakfast this morning
Soundtrack - Frank Zappa � You Can�t Do That On Stage Anymore Vol.5

A pretty good weekend I guess. I can say that I was outside of the house for all of 15 hours the whole weekend. That�s not bad is it?

Friday night I ran into my friend Stefanie, and our friend Kevin who just moved back here from LA, they were going to do karaoke. He is a great guy, one of the few gay men I actually know. I then came home and had a Good Times marathon in my room. Saturday went to Maine to see a hippie show, today did absolutely nothing except see the Matrix movie. All I can say is that I think the cast of the Lost Boys did a better job acting than the folks in this movie. Anyway, those seats are comfortable to doze in and out of sleep in.

This week I have to practice three times, and then go into the studio next weekend for however long it takes to put down seven songs. We should have them ready.

I must say I�m pretty excited about these things currently:

� I just scored the highest I have ever in Mahjongg.

� The gas tank is full

� I successfully got December 30th and 31st off from work. Now I need to book arrangements for Miami. Ow! Should I buy a pink suit?

� We got live CD�s of the show ten minutes after they got off stage last night

� I�m enjoying this beard

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