Oh Joy!
2003-11-06 || you will enjoy the taste of the cock in yo adrienne!
Soundtrack � Neurosis � Times of Grace

Whoooooo...Happy Birthday to Leslie Chintington of Wichita Falls - that birthday party will be a hoot - I mean I know nobody by that name and I want to fucking get the fuck out of my head you cos your cousin met us I slept a little late today. I still maintained the ability to feed the cat before leaving for work. Speaking of work, they are dissolving the union here. Thank fucking God. It�s good to see they don�t really have that much clout at this point in time. The folks who work for me are noticeably upset about this. I�m just happy I don�t have to deal with as much paper work for certain things. Like I really give a shit about the job security of anyone but myself. Come on.

Howard Dean is a fucking tool. Not that I�m going to even vote because I could really give a shit, but who the fuck wants another Democrat in office? Anyway, that guy is a classicist fuck.

The Homosexual conspiracy continues�so the other night before my incident in Barnes and Noble I was in the other popular record store in the New England area. There are two guys walking around in there together. One of them has a haircut like Johnny Depp circa 21 Jump Street, the other is wearing tight black pants, a tight shirt, and a black Yankees hat. One of them says to the other �what the fuck ith thith muthic they�re playing in here?� It was Corrosion of Conformity � Albatross, from one of their shittier later period records, so I agreed in part to his statement. Next thing, I see that they are looking at the Michael Jackson CD�s and then just leaving them all over the place, and generally bitching about things. After they left the whole section was in disarray. Who is the presidential candidate I can vote for that wants to make being a homosexual male and going out into public or being on television illegal?

I ate a number of candy bars for breakfast this morning. For lunch, I am going to have licorice, and some whiskey from this flask I have with me. For dinner I will have a

Whatthe cunt fuck fuck cunt fuck fucnlk fuck fuckl fuck you cosksocosucker

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