Oh Joy!
2003-11-01 || 10cc
Soundtrack � well it�s not the Doors anyway

How much more pink can my TV set become? They showed an ad for a TV show coming up called �Gay Court�, no �Fashion Court� some obnoxious limp wristed fool with a lisp as a judge sentences people to fashion makeovers. I guess if I did crystal meth this would interest me. Or, if I didn�t like vagina I probably would.

Saw Kill Bill yet again tonight. Nearly fell asleep towards the end though. I did not hit a second of Halloween Salem traffic tonight either which was a bonus. Evidently they made everyone leave the city at 10:30. Again, masses of people have caused a holiday to turn into an excuse for obnoxious hedonism.

There are a number of sexual deviants on my tv screen right now on this HBO Real Sex show.

My eyes are

My birthday is Monday, be here, I am going to kill myself live on the internet!

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