Oh Joy!
2003-11-03 || the lord of lord and taylor
Soundtrack � Galaxie 500 � Today

Monday the 3rd. Today is the 34th anniversary of my birth. Whoo. There was confetti and ribbons and stuff all over my desk when I got in today, and now it�s back to business as usual. I�ll drive home, get coffee, eat dinner, go to band practice, go home. I couldn�t ask for anything more than that to excite me. What do I want a bunch of people paying attention to me and watching me eat cake? ugh. give me a 14 year old hooker and a pint of Wild Turkey and I'll be fine.

The weekend was pretty good, Halloween I ended up seeing Kill Bill again, this time falling asleep near the end.

Saturday night went for Thai food, and walked around the red brick area of Salem for a little while.

Sunday, stayed in for most of the day and evening, going out for a brief foliage ride in the late afternoon towards New Hampshire, and turned around and came home instead. Watched the bizarre Sun Ra blaxploitation film Space is the Place late last night to lull me to sleep.

Saturday afternoon I was able to get the car stereo installed finally. I sat behind the gigantic department store on a curb and made friends with a little kitten that was very friendly, jumping on my shoulders and up my arms, etc.

Who here likes getting their dicks sucked?

Just kidding, no more swears or profanity in this diary from here on out!

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