Oh Joy!
2003-10-20 || Full Blown Lemonades
soundtrack � dead can dance � s/t

I am feeling a little throat sickness today, which couldn�t have come at a better time, as I called in sick on Friday, so perhaps I will sound sick tomorrow when I return to work.

We played a gig last night, three people showed up to see us, and a small group of fans of the headlining band were annoyed for over an hour. One particular pillow biter with one of those pompadours seemed annoyed. We were told by the promoter that we could play two sets, upon finishing the first one the headlining band had just arrived and as we walked off he asked how much longer we would be, and if we could cut it shorter. Looking at his bald head, brown eyes, big nose, and general annoying persona I said to myself �this guy is Jewish�. Low and behold, when they finally did play he mentioned something about just coming back from a Bah Mitzvah. Of course it didn�t stop off stage, he was just as annoying on stage. It was evident that we were being entertained by a group of Jewish men playing what they thought was country music, but was really just standard rockabilly, with a couple country songs thrown in here and there. I had to leave. There�s something quite annoying about people in bars, or clubs that makes me less and less interested in entertaining people on stage, and more and more into just annoying people from the stage.

I saw Kill Bill tonight, it was good, a good amount of blood, and people losing limbs.

Spent the earlier part of the evening looking for a hotel for Thanksgiving weekend on Long Island, and then Philadelphia. I�m going by myself on this trip. This will be my first vacation by myself in about 4 years now, I am very excited about that. I like being able to go at my own pace, and do what I want.

Do you like it when I no?

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