Oh Joy!
2003-10-20 || when your penis tells you who the Lord is
Soundtrack � Bob Dylan � New Morning

Drink a good amount of cough syrup, followed by about 5 or 6 cigarettes smoked in a row, stand on your head for 20 minutes, and then watch Fighting Foodons. You know, the Flaming Lips really do suck. I would cut that Wayne guy in half with a chainsaw if I had the chance.

Some of the cities in the US I�ve visited, and enjoyed: Albany, Chicago, Philadelphia, Denver, Atlantic City, Oklahoma City, Nashville, Memphis, Portland Maine.

How many times can the agenda be forced on you a day? Another fuck telling me I NEED to see Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. The only reason I would ever NEED to see that show is if it would tell me the answer, you know��the answer�. The only people who watch this show are women, and guys who are pussy-whipped.

Someone sent me a free calculator, how exciting is that? I�m hard.

I had wished for scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, the whole nine yards. If you go out and eat food in a restaurant, it is bound to not taste good. When I make said meal, it always tastes nice. I don�t know what the cooks of the world do to the food, but it usually tastes like shit. How ironic is it that they say women should be home cooking dinner, but half the time when you go out to eat it�s some guy cooking. Maybe that�s why it always tastes like shit?

A black guy with a mouth full of green marbles trying to explain to me the pentatonic scale, and it�s relation to Christ.

Yesterday, I never saw the sunlight, or rain or whatever happened. I fucking hate sleeping, yet I couldn�t fight it yesterday, off and on and off and on. I prepared the evening before by buying cigare

Why am I even talking about this shit?

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