Oh Joy!
2003-10-09 || Pablo Cruz Bustamante
soundtrack � Stan Getz � the Bossa Nova Years

How can you not want to cut a hole in your pillow and fuck it while listening to this Bossa Nova stuff Stan Getz stole?

Aside from a lackluster day at work that seemed extra tedious today. It sometimes gets to the point where I don�t blame myself for calling in all of those times. Sometimes I�ll literally just sit there doing absolutely nothing for 35 minutes. Not 30 minutes, 35.

I turn 34 in 26 days or something like that. I have no idea what this means.

Today, on my way home from work I imagined what it must be like to be one of these people that think certain things are �out there�. Take for instance the Flaming Lips. When I was younger I listened to Pink Floyd a bit. I still like them regardless of the stigma attached to that, which in my eyes is akin to being a Doors fan, or a Janes Addiction fan. Not that I don�t like these bands�okay, I don�t like the Doors�but the fanbase, and the whole �dude Pink Floyd is so trippy, I saw them at a Football Stadium in 1994. And it was �trippy�? Are you fucking serious? You didn�t see Pink Floyd, you saw the David Gilmour ego-extension tour. Actually, I like that �Learning to Fly�, and I love David Gilmour�s guitar playing. When I was a little older I listened to the Butthole Surfers. This is what the Flaming Lips sound like to me. I can�t deal with music that is overly dramatic, such is the case when I hear the Flaming Lips newer material. It�s got this big self importance about it that cries �aren�t we fucking weird and cool man?!�.

Anyway, I can�t imagine not being exposed to some of the truly avant garde, or odd music that is out there. Like Sigur Ros. The only reason that band is popular is because Thom Yorke gave them the thumbs up, and they are from Iceland. If they were on a new age label like Wyndham Hill, which seems quite possible, they would be nothing. Does this all really matter though. People are going to like what they like, and I guess it�s better than being roped into the current pop music scene. Hopefully some folks will dig deeper when something marketed as �strange� piques their interest.

Hopefully, you will have yourself a Holly Jolly Christmas. Imagine that?

This woman has no idea that she is the victim of my tired irony.

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