Oh Joy!
2003-10-07 || thugged out
Soundtrack � Ben Webster � And Associates

I�ve come up with an idea for a t-shirt for us Red Sox fans. It is going to have a picture of an airplane crashing into one of the WTC buildings, with Pedro Martinez in the cockpit pointing up at Heaven.

Watching the game last night, the Fox Sports guys are such fucking tools, giving Manny Ramirez shit for strolling to first base after his 3 run home run. Who fucking cares, the guy was not hitting the ball the whole series, of course he�s gonna be cocky, especially in Oakland.



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Extreme Buffalo Wing eating versus your first girlfriend

The last time you had sex with a member of the opposite sex

So in 1983 I was 14 years old, my penis was soaked out like a jiggulated jig ticket


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