Oh Joy!
2003-09-24 || the 5()()()5 ass
Soundtrack � Pantera - Fucking Reinventing the Steel

�Tim brought his Slayer tapes over, and now we fuck�

�Heather brought her copy of Dianetics over, and now we fuck�

�Kathleen has two copies of the Portland, OR Yellow Pages, and now we fuck�

�Chet decided to take his copy of Megatrends to my house, and now we fuck�

�Vivian, that fucking whore, has my copy of Leo Sayer � Endless Flight, and now we fuck�

�Howard will be taking his Genesis � Abacab t-shirt, and now we fuck�

�Sally with the shaved pussy will hopefully bring her copy of 9 � Weeks, and now we fuck�

�Gregory has to remember to bring his Yes vinyl, and now we fuck�

�Someone named Hollie brought her copy of Time Magazine from last week, and now we fuck�

�You will bring your penis, and/or vagina, and now we fuck�


It is sunny here today. I will still refuse jackets. Last winter I went the winter without wearing a jacket. I was into the sweatshirts. Being a fat piece of shit like me, you don�t need much in the way of warm clothes. I wish the winter would get here soon. I want to hear all the fucking Richard Smokers complain that it�s cold.

Shit�s done changed now that the new Limp Bizkit has finally dropped.

Your ass is out of control.

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