Oh Joy!
2003-08-15 || how many times can you say "nigga"?
Soundtrack � Enya � Fuck My Ass Hard, Daddy

Today is one of those days where I woke up late. I spent, actually, yeah, I spent a good amount of time trying to kill a moth last night. I ended up breaking a broom in half in the midst of this, so I then armed myself with a water squirting bottle, as well as a can of Glade. Every inch of my walls were covered with water, my stereo, computer, me, covered in water and the moth is still alive as of this writing, and my room smells Glade fresh. Tonight is round 2 with the moth.

yeah, so I woke up too late to get here on time as has been the norm lately.

Funny, the more I get fucked up three, four times a day, the dumber and more lethargic I get.

Dead by 40

How much Cambodian pussy can one man eat?

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