Oh Joy!
2003-08-18 || cream of wheat cocksuckett
Soundtrack � Kiss � Dressed to Kill

The weekend is over now, which is okay. Another day closer to vacation, which starts tomorrow.

I want to quit my job, and then jump off a building. Or maybe, jump off a building, and then have my job just sort of�fail to exist anymore.

I think most people are boring and tedious. I find this out when, like yesterday I spend my day by myself and I have the best time I have ever had in the history of the world. I miss spending days and days by myself. With the band rehearsal schedule, this is not possible anymore.

Women are annoying creatures. �Its�

Men are more annoying.

I want to move to Israel instead.

On vacation, be back around�September 1st, just in time to bomb New York again.

Blah blah blah blah

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