Oh Joy!
2003-08-14 || the only woman in the restaurant
Soundtrack � Peter Frampton � Frampton Comes Alive!


Last Thursday, while Arlo and I made our way through the market down at the pier I commented that I would like to see more people discussing bread. As Arlo clutched his 2 foot long French bread he shook his head and replied

�why do you say things like that?�

I kept my mouth shut the rest of the afternoon. Arlo always shuts me up�and I always listen. Even as we approached the woman with the cheeses, or rather �The Woman With the Cheeses� as I like to call her, I felt like I couldn�t say anything for fear of annoying him. I picked up a Muenster as he walked away and headed over to the coffee stand. I inspected it, and the Woman With the Cheeses said �why do you chum around with that crab?�

�Excuse me?�

�That man you are always with, he is awful to you�

�Than man is my trainer, I can�t just stop being around him� I replied

�What is he training you to do?�

�Well, I can�t really get into that�he�s a good man though�how much for this Muenster?�

�Twelve dollars for the whole thing�

�I�ll take it�

The ride back to my apartment was uneventful as I drove tight-lipped listening as Arlo shuffled through the radio stations grumbling and mumbling the whole time. Friday night would be my last night with Arlo, so I think there was an air of something in that car. As horrible as Arlo was to me, I would miss him, as I know he was generally a good man.


I awoke on Friday morning to the sound of water running. It seemed like two or three sinks were running at once. I got out of bed and went out into the kitchen, the water was running in the sink. I shut it off, and checked the bathroom. The bathtub and the sink were both running. On the mirror was a note that said

�You are not ready yet�

3) On Friday morning at 8:41 AM EST, I finally awake to my alarm which has now been going off since 7:00.


Apparently, if it is warm out you have to act like an asshole. I so can�t fucking wait until people are bitching about how absofuckinglutely cold it is outside.

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