Oh Joy!
2003-08-13 || i'll fukk - 88
Soundtrack � Prong �Beg to Differ

On second, or rather fifth thought, the movie Donnie Darko is pretty fucking gay. It doesn�t make a man like Tears for Fears any more than they should, and it proves once again that Drew Barrymore should be chopped in half, thrown in a box and shipped to an African tribe where they will eat her body, and offer it to the almighty Ra.

Speaking of black people, I think black people are stupid and smelly. Just kidding!

However, I do believe that black people have become rather lazy in the last 20-30 years of music. The white man stole their music, and they�ve done nothing to get it back! What�s with that? Just think, in twenty years when most of the hip-hop music is performed by white people, you can count on me to bitch about black people not standing up to the white man. As a black man myself, I can say things like this. The last time a black person released a good record Jimmy Carter was president. This is not a good stat. My favorite race of people is steadily falling to my second favorite race (which is currently occupied by Eskimos)�this should not, can cannot happen.

I am going to kill the human being responsible for the telephone. I�ve grown to hate the fucking sound of a telephone ringing more than the sound of hornets. When the phone rings it generally means someone feels like annoying me.

When we take our clothes off it generally means that Jesus is Lord

I hate that there is men with gun looking for me. I hate the man with gun in woods. The man in woods with gun come tonight and shoot me �in the muthafuckin face�.

�I�ll take raccoon urine for 400 Alex�

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